General Guidelines

Euro-Toques Young Chef of the Year

Are you a chef aged between 18 and 28? Do you love what you do? Are you passionate about food? Then you could be the next Young Chef of the Year!

Open to professional young chefs, some changes have been implemented by the organisers following the 2022 edition. The age limit, traditionally under 26, has been raised to under 28.

The competition finals are scheduled for 8th October 2023. Commencing at the end of March, the culinary journey will see the young chefs take part in several educational activities, producer visits and workshops that will support and guide them to the semi-finals and finals.

Euro-Toques Ireland, in association with fine food specialist La Rousse Foods, is searching for the best culinary talents the country has to offer while promoting its core principles: using local and seasonal ingredients, creativity, skill and a passion for cooking. We are looking for chefs who are capable of demonstrating and communicating Ireland’s culinary strength and recognising the importance of our unique produce, traditions and heritage while also brave enough to take risks and create new dishes and flavours.

Read the information and rules below and then ENTER HERE!

Entering the competition: general rules

  • You must be a professional chef or chef in training and be aged between 18 and 28 from the time you enter the competition to the end of the same year. (must be 28 or under on 31 Dec 2023)
  • You must have a mentor willing to help you through the competition. Mentors have always played an extremely important part in the competition as they commit almost as much time, energy and training to the competition as the young competitors themselves. Your mentor does not necessarily have to be somebody you work with; he/she may work in a different restaurant, as long as he/she commits to mentoring you for the duration of the competition.
  • Being a member of Euro-Toques is NOT a prerequisite to entering the competition, anyone can enter.
  • Upon entering the competition you will be given a timeline of events and it is your responsibility to make sure you are available to fulfil your commitments

Competition format

The format of the competition focuses on promoting and showcasing the skills and knowledge of the will be chef, from entry stages through to the final event.

STAGE 1: CALL TO ACTION – A nationwide social media campaign to launch the theme of the competition and invite young chefs to enter via social media.

STAGE 2: WRITTEN STAGE – Candidate submit an application form, a CV and a written submission based on a theme selected by Euro-Toques Ireland. At this point, each candidate should indicate a chef of their choice who will mentor them throughout the competition.

STAGE 3: INTERVIEW STAGE –  Following the written assignment the shortlisted candidates are interviewed by a panel selected by Euro-Toques Ireland. The interview stage follows the same theme as the written stage. An element of cookery may be introduced at this stage.

STAGE 4: SKILL TEST STAGE SEMI-FINAL – Candidates are selected from the interview stage to compete in a semi-final event which may include:

  • Demonstration of a chef’s signature dish to be emulated by young cooks
  • A mystery box
  • An exact recipe

The young chef finalists are selected from the semi-final stage to compete in the final.

STAGE 5: SKILL TEST STAGE FINAL – The final skill test requires the finalists to cook 1 or 2 dishes, either savoury or sweet based on ingredients decided by Euro-Toques Ireland. The finalists are assessed by a panel of judges, including a guest judge of international standing.

THE GALA & PRESENTATION EVENT – The final event and presentation ceremony is organised in the form of a banquet and may require the finalists to cook either alone or with their mentors.

Educational journey

A number of educational activities are organised for the participants during the length of the competition, including:

At least one activity in Ireland which may include one or a combination of:

  • Interactive food tours & visits to a number of producers
  • Foraging
  • Observing how food is produced/farmed
  • Workshops with well-known chefs
  • Workshops with artisan producers
  • Participation in Food Symposiums, Forums, Conferences and exposure to the best chefs and food personalities in Ireland and abroad.

At least one activity abroad which may include one or a combination of:

  • A practical workshop aimed at improving young chefs’ skills o Lunch or dinner in a Michelin-starred restaurant
  • Demo with local chef
  • Visit/workshop with artisan producers
  • Visit/workshop at a local cookery school
  • Visit/workshop at a vineyard

OR whereas not possible for reasons beyond Euro-Toques control an additional activity in Ireland

  • A prestige event with the Young Chef winner and guest judge at La Rousse Foods HQ. Following the end of the competition, La Rousse Foods will host an event in which the winner of the competition and the guest judge cook together
  • Other educational element to be agreed year on year.
  • By entering the competition you give your consent to the use of pictures, videos, recordings involving you and your dishes.
  • All information and materials disclosed under the competition agreement constitute confidential information and shall not be replicated.
  • Any Intellectual Property developed under the competition agreement is and will remain the sole and exclusive property of Euro-Toques Ireland.
Our 2017 Young Chef’s at Killenure Dexture Beef Farm