Why Join us?

Joining Euro-Toques Ireland as a producer

Euro-Toques Ireland is a nurturing community of chefs, cooks, producers and educators that celebrates the best of Ireland’s food and drink produce. The organisation boasts a close-knit community of leading chefs who work to a high set of principles, excellence in culinary standards and are considered custodians of Irish culinary heritage and food culture of Ireland today and tomorrow. Because sourcing the best of Irish produce is central to Euro-Toques Ireland, we extend our membership to companies or individuals who are directly involved with food production, farming, harvesting, fishing or similar. The idea of producer membership is to foster a more direct connection with chefs and ignite an exchange of expertise and ideas. 


The Euro-Toques symbol is synonymous with quality. It highlights locally-produced products and signifies that your products are endorsed by the country’s leading chefs. Membership gives you access to almost 200 of Ireland’s top chefs and restaurants who have pledged to uphold the Euro-Toques Code of Honour and who are committed to sourcing from small, local producers.


  • Listing on our website
  • Joining a like-minded community of chefs, cooks and producers, who support and champion small Irish producers, who follow the ethos of the association (Preserve our culinary heritage and inspire the future).
  • Annual visit from a member of the Food Council or a nominated Euro-Toques member.
  • Opportunity to attend Euro-toques events and outings, where the producer will have a chance to showcase their products and network with Euro-Toques members. Events include the annual food awards, the Little and Local Festival, and the Young Chef of the Year activities, amongst others.
  • Access to the Euro-Toques online community via social media, website and mailing list.
  • Contribution to a producer’s story-telling. Connecting with chefs will help the producer build a narrative that fits chefs and in turn the wider audience.
  • Be part of a pan-European organisation recognised by the European Commission as an official lobby group on food quality issues.
  • Becoming a member of Euro-Toques Ireland is a two-way commitment: our platforms are at your disposal. We encourage our members to be active, the more you put in, the more you get out.
  • Access to chefs’ honest feedback – we are happy to facilitate feedback and engage in a positive conversation about your products.


«Our membership of Euro-Toques, time and time again, has kept us inspired to keep creating and innovating our range of artisan cheeses for a likeminded appreciative community of chefs and fellow artisan producers, who understand what we do and help us in so many ways to stay motivated and successful.» – Siobhan Ni Ghairbhuth, St.Tola

«At Caherbeg Free Range Pork Ltd., we’re really focused on offering our customers the very best we can produce. We’re proud to be a  producer member of Euro-Toques Ireland, an organisation that considers and recognises our standards.» – Avril Allshire-Howe, Caherbeg Free Range Pork Ltd

«As a small food producer, Euro-toques is by far the most important community we belong to. From the very beginning it introduced us to a network of supportive and encouraging chefs, who we would have never had access to on our own. It has given us the chance to grow and develop in an amazing culinary environment. The opportunity to attend events and outings where we can meet, learn from and enjoy the company of both chefs and fellow artisan producers has been invaluable.» Aisling Flangan Velvet Cloud Sheep’s Milk Yogurt and Cheese

«Benefits of being a member of Euro-Toques: Develop ideas for production – Chefs asking for types of fruit we may not have grown before, or even considered growing. Great interaction – Our chance to introduce chefs to something they may not have encountered before. Mutual promotion – The power of a testimonial from a chef cannot be underestimated. We are lucky to have had quite a few chefs advocate for our products down the years. Chance to network and have fun with chefs, who are great company for a relaxing meal! Positive feedback – gives growers and producers great encouragement.» Cornelius Traas, The Apple Farm, Co. Tipperary.


Small Producer Membership Benefits