Why join us?

Benefits of membership

Euro-Toques Ireland is a nurturing community of like-minded chefs, cooks, producers and educators that celebrates the best of Ireland’s food and drink produce. Euro‐Toques Ireland members are considered custodians of Irish culinary heritage the food culture of Ireland today and tomorrow. Our members work to a high set of principles and are asked in good faith to follow the Euro-Toques Code of Honour. This means striving for excellent culinary standards as a chef and always working with quality local produce, in season as far as possible. Euro‐Toques members must operate with integrity in everything from sourcing to serving. Euro-Toques can also act as a platform to help shape the young chefs and cooks of the future.


Nurturing Community: Become part of a nurturing community and connect with Ireland’s leading Chefs and restaurants that are linked to the pan-European organisation of top Chefs which comprises of a total of 3,500 member Chefs. Members share the same vision about ingredients along with valuing the preservation of our culinary heritage.

Prestigious Awards & Events: Euro-Toques organises two prestigious awards each year; The Young Chef Competition and The Food Awards. Other events include the AGM, Inspiration trips at home and abroad, workshops to enhance skills and knowledge, and Partner Events. All initiatives are an opportunity for exchange of experience and ideas.

Online Reach : Each member Chef features on our website and has a dedicated area for their profile. Our growing social media presence allows us to promote relevant events, workshops and your profile to a wide audience. To enhance and develop the media reach of our initiatives and events, we engage in PR activities with journalists, bloggers and influencers.

Derry Clarke at l”Ecrivain


Euro-Toques Ireland is open to any chef or cook who actively promotes the unifying values of the organisation. The Euro-Toques symbol is synonymous with quality, locally-sourced produce and signifies that you are considered a custodian of local culinary heritage. Our mission is to preserve our culinary heritage, inspiring the future.

We invite you to join us on this mission. 

Members can display the Euro-Toques brand on their premises, person, website and social media as an endorsement of their excellent standards. In addition to awards and key events, Euro-Toques Ireland runs and facilitates educational events for chefs in conjunction with members, partners and relevant industry participants which encourages networking among chefs. To keep everyone up-to-date, members receive regular news updates related to the workings of the association.