Code of Honour

The Euro-Toques Commitment

On joining Euro-Toques Ireland, every chef commits to uphold the Code of Honour, which applies in all Euro-Toques countries worldwide.

Article 1: 
The chefs’ chief duty is to respect their culinary traditions and the best principles of good cooking.

Article 2:
 Chefs must work with the same integrity and conscientiousness whatever the conditions and regardless of the demands of their customers.

Article 3: 
Chefs should work under conditions that do not compromise the quality of their work, so that they can uphold the art of their profession.

Article 4: 
Chefs should promote the use of the highest quality food and avoid products that have been adulterated.

Article 5: Chefs must respect the principles of seasonality where possible and source food as locally as possible. They must know where their food ingredients come from and ensure they are of the highest quality, produced conscientiously, with respect for the environment and animal welfare.

Article 6: Chefs must support small and local food producers and acknowledge their suppliers on their menus.

Article 7:
 Chefs must remain independent of their suppliers and not be compromised into accepting anything other than the best product available.

Article 8: 
Chefs must not take advantage of their customers’ good faith by serving products which are inaccurately described.

Article 9: 
Chefs should provide moral assistance and professional support to each other.

Article 10: 
Chefs should keep their Euro-Toques colleagues informed of the quality of products from their region or country in the spirit of the Euro-Toques Code of Honour.


Our founding member Mrs Allen