Kitchen cabinets 2

Kitchen Cabinet is a series of recipes from chefs who are members of Euro-toques Ireland who have come together during the coronavirus outbreak to share some of the easy, tasty things that they like to cook and eat at home #ChefsAtHome

As a pastry chef, I’m surrounded by sugar and chocolate, so when I get home I love nothing more than venturing to the dark side, aka savoury.

My style of home cooking is very similar to my baking – simple, honest, tasty, fuss-free food. As much fun as it is to experiment with dishes, sometimes people can over complicate things. Simplicity is best.

I have made this dish so many times, I’ve lost count. The reason I love it so much is the fact it can be on the dinner table reasonably quickly and it is really tasty. I also love the versatility of the dish and how you can use up whatever vegetables and greens you have at home.

I think now, more than ever, people are cooking a lot more at home and are delving deep into their cupboards and freezer to see what they have. This dish is a perfect way to use up those odd bits and bobs.

If you don’t have creme fraiche, you can use cream or just straight up chicken stock. Support your local producers and markets by loading this pie up with your favourite fresh greens. I absolutely adore the simplicity and versatility of this one pie wonder. It’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser.