Food Awards Nomination

Euro-Toques Ireland invites you to fill out this form and to take the opportunity to nominate your favourite product/producers so that they may be taken into consideration for the next Food Awards.
The Food Awards are a crucial part of Euro-Toques’ effort to support and promote our food producers. The Euro-Toques Food Awards aim at:

  • Protecting endangered products within our culinary heritage
  • Acknowledging and Promoting the best producers in their field
  • Highlighting Policy Issues

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Each product is to be evaluated under the following criteria headings:

  1. Wholesome/Natural Ingredients
  2. Taste & Flavour
  3. Integrity of production
  4. Unique
  5. Consistent
  6. Relationship to area/locality
  7. Provenance (including provenance of ingredients/components in product)
  8. Environmental sustainability
  9. Product in danger/at risk
  10. Product related to current policy issue

Criteria 1-3 are considered the essential elements when evaluating potential producers. Only when taste, quality of ingredients and integrity of product/production methods are satisfactory should further criteria be examined.
Products are not required to meet all of the above criteria, but these criteria should be considered for each.

My top producers:
Please suggest your most valued Food Producers for consideration by the Food Council.