Food Awards Nomination 2023


The Awards will take place on Monday 24th July at Dunbrody House, Co. Wexford

The Awards ceremony will take place in the Gardens at Dunbrody House between 2 and 3pm and will be followed by a late buffet lunch showcasing local artisan produce as well as the awards nominated producers.  We are very excited to be able to resume the Awards this year, for the first time since 2019. It will be a wonderful opportunity for the Community to gather and celebrate the best of Irish.  

As well as recognising the 6 award winners in the categories WATER, LAND, FARM, DAIRY, ARTISAN and CRAFT, the event is an opportunity to celebrate Ireland’s produce & producers, whilst giving you a chance to network with chefs, fellow producers and members of the food community.  

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For category descriptions and further information on the nominees, please see below. For further information on the awards please, click here

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Water – The Island Nation Award to represent produce from our seas, lakes and rivers, with a focus on sustainable sea and river fish; shellfish; salts; seaweeds; sea vegetables. This year, for the WATER category, the Food Council has selected to award producers of Mussels

Glenbeigh Mussels, Kelly’s Mussels, Mulroy Bay Mussel, Roaring Water Bay Rope Mussels.

Land – To honour our heritage – the forests, nature, the wild and above all, our soil with a focus on the growing of varietal herbs, edible flowers, vegetables, fruits and grains in a sustainable way; caring for bees to produce honey; foraging for mushrooms, edible fruit, herbs and vegetables; culling wild game sustainably. This year, for the LAND category, the Food Council has selected to award producers of Honey

Brookfield Farm Honey, Hive Mind Honey, Olly’s Farm Honey, Sliabh Aughty Honey.

Farm – To honour the best and more sustainable way to rear animals with a focus on: rear breed and native animal production; small farmers; sustainable production of meat, poultry, eggs, and game. This year, for the FARM category, the Food Council has selected to award producers of forgotten meats

Broughgammon Farm, Coopershill Venison, Skeaghanore Duck, The Irish Goat Meat

Dairy – To honour Ireland’s rich and flavoursome dairy bounty with a focus on the sustainable approach to the production of milk, butter, cream, yogurt, cheese and ice cream. This year, for the DAIRY category, the Food Council has selected to award producers of yoghurt and ice-cream.

Glenisk Yogurt, Killowen Farm Yogurt, Scup Gelato, Velvet Cloud Yogurt.

Artisan Produce – To honour a product which requires a traditional and handmade process. An award that might highlight the Second Generation of producers with a focus on: the production of a product like oils, vinegars, flours, beer, cider, juices, spirits, jams, chutneys, pickles, smoked meat and fish. This year, for the ARTISAN PRODUCE category, the Food Council has selected to award producers of Irish craft drinks that use apples in their production

Apple Brandy, Cockagee Cider, Drivers Cider, Rare Apple Ice Wine.

Traditional Craft/ Skill – To honour the people behind the product who protect and preserve our culinary skills, technique and craft, whilst inspiring the future, with a focus on: a person/people who has an unique skill that needs to be championed and/or protected. A person perhaps who is actively passing this skill down to the next generation through their work. It can be a butcher, a baker, a fishmonger or fish smoker, a cheesemaker, a grower or a grocer, a producer or a forager. This year, for the TRADITIONAL CRAFT/SKILL category, the Food Council has selected to award producers of VINEGARS

Ballyhoura Apple Farm, The Apple Farm, Wild Irish Foragers & Perservers, Wildwood balsamics & vinegars

Each product has been evaluated under the following criteria headings:

  1. Wholesome/Natural Ingredients
  2. Taste & Flavour
  3. Integrity of production
  4. Unique
  5. Consistent
  6. Relationship to area/locality
  7. Provenance (including provenance of ingredients/components in product)
  8. Environmental sustainability
  9. Product in danger/at risk
  10. Product related to current policy issue

Criteria 1-3 are considered the essential elements when evaluating potential producers. Only when taste, quality of ingredients and integrity of product/production methods are satisfactory should further criteria be examined.
Products are not required to meet all of the above criteria, but these criteria should be considered for each.