Who we are

Who we are and how we are structured

Euro-Toques Ireland is a nurturing community of like-minded Chefs, cooks, producers and educators that celebrates the best of Ireland’s food and drink produce. We are an independent, non-profit organisation whose mission is to preserve our culinary heritage – inspire the future.

The Board of Directors
The activities of Euro-Toques Ireland are overseen by a Board of Directors, responsible for setting the organisation’s strategic goals to be implemented by an executive committee and two standing committees made up of chefs from around the country, and headed up by a commissioner-general.

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is made up of six Commissioners who oversee the management of Euro-Toques Ireland, including member services, policy development, lobbying and event management while implementing the strategic goals set out by the Board of Directors and overseeing the work of the Standing Committees. The Executive Committee is led by a Commissioner General, elected every 4 years by the members at the Euro-Toques annual general meeting.

The Standing Committees
The organisation avails of two Standing Committees, the Events & Communication Committee and the Food Council Committee.

The Events & Communication Committee is responsible for planning, organising and delivering events, including the renowned Young Chef of the Year Competition, the Food Awards and Euro-Toques inspirational & educational trips and workshops.

The Food Council Committee is responsible for fostering and developing a more direct connection with artisan producers and ignite an exchange of expertise and ideas. The Committee is in charge of the selection process for the Food Awards focusing on the quality of the food as well as on the production methods that preserve the traditions and heritage of the Irish food, farming and fishing industries. The Food Council works towards the development of a food story for our kitchen where heritage matters.

Commissioner-General: Gareth Mullins, Executive Chef – The Marker Hotel Dublin
Secretary-General: Manuela Spinelli